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Ichiro Heian! Chapter 6

Hello there!

No, it's not a dream, we are finally done with Ichiro Heian chapter 6! Still one more volume to do, but we honestly don't know when we'll be able to do the rest.

For the time being, enjoy guys o/

Written by Hunk, 26 May 2015
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Natsu no Arashi chapter 28

Hey, hey!

Oh well, guess it's been a while again, but Natsu no Arashi is back! I hope you will still enjoy it the same way.

Translation (CN->FR): Tya
Translation (FR->US): Hunk
Proofread: supremebull
Clean: Api
Typeset: Api
QC: Ouroboros

I'd like to say it will go faster with chapter 29, but well 

Anyway, see you next time guys 

Written by Hunk, 13 Mar 2015
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NnA Chapter 27

Heya guys o/

Oh well, another three months delay since last chapter, guess it can't be helped

Meanwhile, Hiccup went MIA, so we had to do it the old way.

Translation (CN->FR): Tya
Translation (FR->US): Hunk
Proofread: supremebull
Typeset: Api
QC: Ouroboros

Oh, and important news, starting next chapter, we're going to do a joint with McDonald on Natsu no Arashi, but also on Ichiro Heian!

See you around guys!

Written by Hunk, 15 May 2014
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Natsu no Arashi Chapter 26


Finally another chapter done. This one is continuation of beach arc. Hope you’ll enjoy it guys.

A new typesetter joined us, Hiccup, welcome aboard!

Translation (CN->FR): Tya
Translation (FR->US): Hunk
Proofread: supremebull
Clean: Api

Typeset: Hiccup

QC: Hiccup/Hunk

Next chapter is already being edited, so it might follow soon hopefully.

Written by Hunk, 15 Feb 2014
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Half done!


We’re finally halfway through the end! Yeah, so here comes chapter 25!

Translation (CN->FR): Tya
Translation (FR->US): Hunk
Proofread: supremebull & blueberry
Clean/Edit: Api
QC: Ouroboros

Till next time, guys!

Written by Hunk, 02 Dec 2013
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